Jamal Dabas

Software Engineer


I'm an ambitious and young computer scientist with a love and passion for software engineering. I enjoy developing software of many types ranging from web apps and APIs to desktop apps and bots. I've been in the industry for over a year now and I'm desiring greater goals to reach and overcome. I am constantly open to new opportunities and networks.


Software Engineer

Microsoft | 03/2022 - PRESENT

  • Full-Stack Engineer on internal Microsoft applications that track the entire development,shipment, and assembly lifecycle of Azure server racks and associated equipment.
  • Created front-end feature using AngularJS that would warn datacenter admins of early closure of tracking and action tickets in order to protect the timeliness of the delivery, dropping accidental or mistaken early closure incidents by 70%.
  • Improved delivery times by creating safety measures that prevented unnecessary reworking of docked equipment decreasing set up times by 50% using .NET Core 6.
  • Migrated and rewrote major worker service in .NET Core 6 to fetch and resolve certain datacenter tickets while deprecating the original.
  • Solve incident tickets on a weekly basis to ensure the smooth delivery of equipment. Consistently develop and maintain old and new features in .NET Core 6 and AngularJS.
  • Software Engineer III

    USAA | 09/2020 - 02/2022

  • Full-Stack Engineer on two large messaging platforms that provides hundreds of thousands of members with communication to member service representatives (MSRs).
  • Created a major RESTful API using Java Springboot, Gradle, and Docker to update the React UI with crucial MSR information whenever a P2P chat is initiated.
  • Discovered and fixed a large archival issue in production that prevented tens of thousands of completed member cases from archiving using SFDC Apex and Python3.
  • Solved a major security vulnerability where members' passwords would appear in the URL of a chat with an MSR using SFDC Apex.
  • Consistently develop and maintain old and new features of Chat and SMM in Salesforce, React, and Java.
  • Created documentation for developers on using REST APIs, certain Salesforce Tools, and debugging issues related to business logic.
  • Primary technologies involved are Springboot, Salesforce, JavaEE, Gradle, Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes, and ReactJS.
  • Applicaton Developer Intern

    Optum/Wellmed | 06/2019 - 08/2019

  • Developed a web app with admin controls that displays current WellMed intranet websites information and details using .NET Framework and .NET Core.
  • Improved loading time of existing web apps from 30 seconds to 1 second.
  • Performed code review, analysis, and documentation for existing projects.
  • Cyber Security Intern

    UDP, Inc | 03/2017 - 05/2017

  • Microsoft Security Event Research.
  • Microsoft Security Analysis.
  • Microsoft Security Auditing and Log Shipping.
  • Summer Office Assistant

    Dabas Cancer Institute | 06/2012 - 06/2014

  • Managed a medical database
  • Maintained patient medical records
  • Performed various office duties.
  • Projects

    Music Playlists Web App

    Personal Project

  • A Music Playlist Web App with login, signup, and logout functionality. A user will be able to create, delete, and update playlists, and the songs inside their playlists. They'll also be able to view other users playlists as well.
  • Technologies used: Vuejs3, JavaScript, CSS, and Firebase
  • Vue Live-Chat Server

    Personal Project

  • Live Chat Web App with login, signup, and logout functionality. Once logged in, will be directed to a live-chat where you can chat with anyone else that has been logged in.
  • Technologies used: Vuejs3, JavaScript, CSS, and Firebase
  • Armchair Athletes Website

    Armchair Athletes

  • I created the website for Armchair Athletes, an organization that I co-founded with 2 others.
  • I used GatsbyJS, ReactJS, and SASS/SCSS
  • Organization Description: "We are three good friends that want to share our love of our favorite sports and strong opinions of it to one another and to an audience. We will upload audio/video podcasts weekly discussing current events and popular topics in today's basketball and other sports and update our social media accounts with the latest news in sports as well."
  • Covid19 Tracker


  • Covid19 Tracker that shows the number of confirmed cases, recoveries, and deaths globally and per country.
  • Technologies used involve ReactJS as the frontend, Firebase as the backend, and uses an API to fetch data.
  • API: https://covid19.mathdro.id/api
  • Refinder


  • Placed among the top 5 in the UTSA CITE start-up Competition.
  • Created an online marketplace, refinder.app, for the material exchange of repurposed and salvaged goods.
  • ReactJS and Redux are used for the frontend and Google Firebase for the backend.
  • Supreme/Sneaker Bot


  • Using Selenium and C#, I'm developing a browser automation bot that is able to go to a website I specify and fully select and buy a specific product.
  • Environment Manager Web App


  • Using Visual Studio Enterprise 2017, I Created a business side web app with admin controls that displays current WellMed intranet websites information and details
  • Data is dynamically loaded from APIs and other data sources and it can be modified manually.
  • Framework used was ASP.NET Webforms 4.5.
  • Programming and scripting languages involved were C#, HTML/CSS, and Javascript.
  • YouChoose

    Rowdy Hacks Hackathon

  • This program randomly selects a food category based on the zip code entered. The food category and zip code are then used to pull restaurants near you using Google's API/Google's Cloud Platform.
  • We used Java and JavaFX and Google API's - geocode and places - to give us a list of updated restaurant information. There is a blinking mechanism that alerts and helps the user to notify which food category was randomly selected by the application. We use the zip code to find the latitude and longitude associated with it (geocode API). Then we used latitude and longitude to find nearby restaurants according to your Randomly generated food category (places API).
  • Memory Vision

    UTSA Application Programming Course Project

  • Created a C memory generator using JavaFX and SceneBuilder.
  • Represented complex low-level programming concepts using simple, easy-to-understand animations.
  • Skills


    Application DevelopmentWeb App DevelopmentBackend DevelopmentFull-Stack DevelopmentScripting and BotsUI


    JavaC#PythonCC++NodeJSReactJSVueJSAngularJSSFDC Apex


    Spring BootJava MavenJava GradleJava JBoss.NET Framework.NET CoreGatsbyNodePython FlaskIonic

    Project Development and Tools

    DockerKubernetesSalesforcePostmanGitIntelliJJetBrains RiderVisual Studio CodeVisual Studio IDEAgile ScrumRESTful Services




    EnglishArabicCommunicationLeadershipTeamworkProblem SolvingTime ManagementProject Management


    Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science

    University of Texas at San Antonio

    2017 - 2020

    Overall GPA: 3.97/4.00
    Summa Cum Laude